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At the end of 2010, we asked local people and local GPs what health services they would like at Hythe War Memorial Hospital. We also looked at both the present and future health needs of people living in the area.

This information was used by local GPs and health and social services teams to develop more detailed proposals for local health care.

The team taking this work forward includes a wide range of local representatives, alongside NHS Hampshire, West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Hampshire County Council colleagues, to ensure local input and knowledge is driving these plans forward. Team members include:

• Dr Philipp Gregory, Local GP
• Councillor Brian Dash, County Councillor
• John Carr, Hythe Hospital League of Friends
• Caroline Coats, Age Concern New Forest East
• Martin Cox, Hampshire LINk
• Councillor Maureen Robinson, New Forest District Council
• David Shimpe, Hythe and Dibden Parish Council

Feedback from our ongoing engagement with local people showed us that:

• local bed-based care is wanted
• the right level of medical and nursing support is the main concern
• support to get home quickly is important
• the distance to travel to the bed-based care is important

These matters were discussed with local representatives to determine if the ‘reablement’ model of care would deliver these needs for local people. A tour of existing reablement facilities also took place to allow local representatives to experience and review the type of care this service would provide for local people.

It was agreed that this approach would provide patients with dedicated nursing support in local beds to help them get home quickly. Therefore, alongside the ten beds at Forest Court Nursing Home in Calmore, Hampshire County Council has identified six further beds at Little Haven Nursing Home in Hythe. These beds have replaced the 16 beds that were previously at Hythe War Memorial Hospital.

Using feedback and the review of the health needs of the local population now and in the future, the following list of outpatient services will be delivered from Hythe War Memorial Hospital and Hythe Medical Centre site:

·   Phlebotomy (blood taking)·   Leg ulcer clinic
·   Diagnostics e.g. x-ray and ultrasound
·   Orthopaedics e.g. arthritis
·   Rheumatology
·   Therapies e.g. physio
·   Urology (‘Waterworks’ Clinics)
·     Dental
·     Ear, Nose & Throat services 
·     Opthamology (eye clinics)
·     General medicine e.g. chest, kidney, heart clinics
·     Diabetic clinic
·     Dermatology (skin clinics)
·     Paediatrics (e.g. pre-school vision checks)
·     Gynaecology
·     Dietician
·     Continence
·    Podiatry (feet clinics)
·     Colostomy services
·     Maternity e.g. anti-natal/post-natal clinics (all births at Ashurst Hospital)
·     Pulmonary rehabilitation e.g. keep healthy programmes for chest conditions
·     Health education groups
·     Contraception and sexual health services
·     Child & adolescent mental health services
·     Audiology e.g. hearing aid clinic 

 The new ultrasound scanner, which came to Hythe War Memorial Hospital in June 2011, thanks to the League of Friends, has also already seen very good usage leading to plans to add a further full day scanning in the New Year.

To allow us to deliver all of these services we have been looking at the buildings and space on the site including a review of the estate, parking facilities and access.

As a result, the following options are being discussed by the project team to determine the best way forward:

1. Do nothing – leave the site and buildings as they are
2. Do minimum – bring the current buildings up to modern standards
3. Refurbishment – refurbish the original Hythe War Memorial Hospital building to use for all services
4. Build a new facility – demolish the existing hospital and medical centre buildings and build a new facility. This would involve some areas of the site being sold off to fund the new facility.

The project team are discussing and reviewing these options and we will keep you updated.



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